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Human Trials
@BIOS: The Poetics of Life in Digital Media
West Virginia University - 09/06

Virtual Reality SubFest
@Buffalo Infringment Festival
Hallwalls - 08/06

VR MicroTheatre
@Buffalo Infringment Festival
Coit House - 08/05

techARTS for Girls
CFA 266 - 06/05

2005 Student Show
Crosby Hall - 04/05

V_Hive Networked VR Exhibit
CFA 266 - 10/04

VR, Networking and Collaboration
CFA 266 - 04/04

The Trial The Trail User tests of VR Drama
CFA 266 - 10/03

Depth Cues
Squeaky Wheel - 05/03

Josephine Anstey

Josephine Anstey is a virtual dramatist, virtual reality (VR) artist, video-maker, documentarian and writer. She is primarily interested in creating interactive, dramatic experiences for display on projected, immersive VR systems (such as the CAVE). A related area of interest is research into low-cost VR systems and networked VR. Her other projects include interactive installations, art videos, audio documentary, web and prose fiction.

Since 2000 she has been on the faculty of the media study department of the University at Buffalo (UB), where she teaches production and analysis courses focusing on virtual reality and interactive environments.
::Josephine Anstey::

Dave Pape

Dave Pape is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Media Study of the University at Buffalo. He received a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he worked at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL). At EVL, he was responsible for much of the core software used by CAVE and ImmersaDesk developers. Prior to that, he worked at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, in the Scientific Visualization Studio and the High Performance Computing & Communications branch. He has created many videos and interactive VR environments that have been shown at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, the Ars Electronica Center, and conferences including SIGGRAPH, Supercomputing, ISEA, Ars Electronica, Art Futura, and ThinkQuest.
::Dave Pape::

Anton Hand

info coming soon!

::Geoff Baum::

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