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Human Trials
@BIOS: The Poetics of Life in Digital Media
West Virginia University - 09/06

Virtual Reality SubFest
@Buffalo Infringment Festival
Hallwalls - 08/06

VR MicroTheatre
@Buffalo Infringment Festival
Coit House - 08/05

techARTS for Girls
CFA 266 - 06/05

2005 Student Show
Crosby Hall - 04/05

V_Hive Networked VR Exhibit
CFA 266 - 10/04

VR, Networking and Collaboration
CFA 266 - 04/04

The Trial The Trail User tests of VR Drama
CFA 266 - 10/03

Depth Cues
Squeaky Wheel - 05/03

Virtual Reality Programming

Programming and scripting are important aspects of building any kind of interactive environment. One of the tools we use to develop virtual worlds is the Ygdrasil VR authoring system developed by UB professor Dave Pape. Ygdrasil is an open source, modular system with both programming and scripting levels. It is also used at UIC, The Art Institute, U of Indiana.

Programming languages and toolkits used in our classes and research include:

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